What Makes The Royal Crest Room an All Around Amazing Venue?

Here are some answers that address that question

Will RCR provide tables, chairs, plates, napkins, silverware, and salt and pepper shakers?

We definitely provide all of that and more! You have ALL of that included plus you have the unique privilege and opportunity to add that special touch of elegance by having either a popular Chiavari chair in your choice of color, the trendy Vineyard Crossback chair or a ballroom chair with a chair cover and sash! Style never looked so good, and you’ll have a wonderful time dressing up the White Ballroom, making it look just the way you want it!

Will RCR make special meals for children and other wedding pros, and what is charged for each?

You will need to feed some of your wedding pros who’ll be there at your reception, like your photographer, wedding planner and your DJ (as well as their assistants). If you’re hosting a child-friendly reception, plan for those too. RCR has a reduced price for both vendors and children.

When does RCR need finalized choices?

We’ll need to know your menu choices by a certain date –21 days prior to your event — so we will be sure to have all the ingredients ready to go for the day of your event. Decide on your RSVP date based on when we will need your final guest count.

Will RCR provide a waitstaff? How many are included in the package and what’s the fee for additional waiters?

We have our very own serving personnel who know the ins and outs of providing seamless service at The Royal Crest Room. We have a generous 1 to 20 server to guest ratio for our sit-down meals.

What will the RCR staff wear?

We make sure our staff dresses appropriately for the tone and style of your wedding. You will not see our servers in polo shirts. Our Banquet Captain heads up a top-notch, polite, polished staff.

Is RCR able to prepare vegetarian, gluten-free, kosher or halal meals for a few guests, and is there an additional fee?

We are definitely willing to work with special dietary restrictions and in most cases, there would not be additional costs. We know that today, offering a special meal to certain family and friends is important. RCR does not however offer kosher or halal meals at this time.

Does RCR provide wedding cakes as well?

We do not specialize in wedding cakes however we are able to offer many dessert options. There are so many unique ways to bring in sweet treats to your event!

When will the tasting take place? Does RCR offer tastings before we book?

RCR offers the private tasting five months prior to the event. One helpful way to get a general idea about the quality of what we offer is to enjoy a meal at our restaurant, or let us know and we can work with you to find another solution if you so desire.

How does RCR arrange the food on the buffet or plate? Can you see photos of previous presentations from the caterer?

Our talented Culinary Team knows that presentation of their delicious food is just as important as the taste.

Will RCR set out the wedding place cards and menus we create?

Yes! And trust us, this is a huge help to you! You won’t need to enlist the help of your wedding planner or day-of coordinator, a family member or friend to deal with these wedding details. You will give us instructions (and a photo) of how you want them displayed at the wedding reception.

We will coach you also – if you choose to give your guests a choice of plated entrée – on how to indicate on those menu cards which guests requested which entrees. A super important task – taking care of your guests is our top priority and it takes a great deal of attention to detail to ensure this takes place.

Will RCR provide alcohol or can we provide our own alcohol?

Yes, because we hold our alcohol license with the State of Florida, we are required to purchase and serve the alcohol. It is a responsibility that we take very seriously.

How many bartenders are included? What’s the fee to hire extra?

Ideally, you should have four cocktail waiters for every 100 wedding guests and one bartender for every 50 wedding guests to make sure your guests aren’t hanging around with empty glasses. Additional staff will cost extra, so factor in that cost.

What sorts of packages does RCR offer? How do you charge (by consumption or per person)?

Yes, first you decide whether you wish to host the bar or have your guests pay for their own alcohol. In the hosted bars, there are two available approaches to a bar at any event. You may choose either the Tiered Bar packages where there is a set fee per guest (tiers allow you to select what will be offered at the bar: beer & wine only, or with the addition of liquor, and then whether you prefer the Luxury or Call brands of liquor). Or you may choose the other approach that is based the amount of alcohol actually consumed. With the latter method, at the end of the party, your bartender will count all the used and partially used bottles of wine and beer as well as the mixed drinks and total up your bill.

Tell me why I should choose RCR versus a venue that allows me to bring in my own caterer?

Going with a venue that requires you to bring in your own caterer may seem like it full of savings but you have to consider many things like coordinating with that wedding venue and determining a time when your caterer can start setting up. You would also need to know how much time the caterer needs for cleanup, because some venues may have a restriction on how late staff can stay. Not all companies will include setup and breakdown in their pricing, meaning you’ll have to pay the wedding venue or caterer extra—or hire outside help to do it for you. Some venues don’t have on-site facilities for caterers; if the caterer has to bring in equipment, there may be an additional fee. So going with a venue that provides the food and beverage and service right there for you like RCR eliminates many potential obstacles and headaches!

Also, when dealing with separate catering companies, you are never assured of having the same person who might have helped you with the planning process to oversee actual meal service on the day.

Does RCR have extra charges, such as a security deposit, sales tax or service fees? What, if any, are the expected gratuities?

There is no security deposit. Service charge which is for your labor is calculated at 22% of all food and beverage. Sales tax is the current county and sales tax at the time.

What is your signature entrée?

There really are so many … it’d be hard to narrow one down. Trust us, you’re going to have a difficult time choosing. But we bet you’re going to love the Parmesan Crusted Chicken!