Above all, The Royal Crest Room does happiness.
Happiness in the form of delicious food served at a gorgeous location for your important event.

Karen Filson, Director of Events


Of all the moments and times in your life, none is as important or meaningful as a Wedding Day. The Royal Crest Room provides the perfect location in Central Florida to get married! Ceremony and reception all in one place! And so close to Disney World. Whose far-away relatives aren’t going to check “yes” on the RSVP card and take a nice little trip to come celebrate your wedding with you (and then go see Minnie and Mickey or Harry Potter World while they’re in the #1 tourist destination of the world – Orlando, Florida! And our newlyweds find it so convenient to hop on a plane or cruise ship right after their weddings for their long-awaited honeymoons.

Whether Central Florida is home or a destination wedding dream, The Royal Crest Room is perfect for a wedding any time of year! We are just far enough away from the busy tourist areas to feel secluded and we offer a transportation stipend that can be used towards guest shuttle to and from the hotel of choice. The Royal Crest Room has been the choice for hundreds of happy couples. Couples have been able to have the wedding of their dreams and even afford a honeymoon afterwards … or ‘splurge’ on a gorgeous wedding video to have forever. Let’s just say, Royal Crest Room couples can have their cake and eat it too! What The Royal Crest Room offers goes far beyond the pretty pictures – excellent service, outstanding cuisine and the all-important tremendous value! So many inclusions that truly go a long way with the wedding budgeting! Ask your Event Manager how to make your dream wedding come true!


Traditions and celebrations help us to mark moments in our lives. Every young lady will remember the fuss made over her – whether it is for a Quince or Sweet 16. Turning that certain age just has such significance to both the birthday girl and to her family. Moms, dads, grandparents, aunts … they were there when all the pink baby outfits were being ooohed over. It seems like it was just yesterday when their little girl was venturing out to preschool. Now the prospect of getting a drivers license and being a young adult has suddenly happened! Where has the time gone?! The Royal Crest Room enjoys being part of these celebrations, seeing the creativity and joy put into each party. Our Event Managers can assist in tailoring a custom menu that’s perfect for the young people and for the ‘grown ups’. This is the perfect place for this party – great setting, great food, and mark our word, every Sweet 16 or Sweet 15 will love all the places she can pose for photos at our beautiful, picturesque venue!!


The Royal Crest Room is a great place for any type of event: Small, large. Simple, fancy. Indoors, outdoors. Daytime, nighttime. Milestones, nothing-special-kind-of-gathering.

One of the growing trends in events here has been what is called the Celebration of Life! Because we do have such a comfortable, cheery and elegant setting, we are often thought of as a perfect place to come together to remember a loved one. Please do let us know how we can help. We understand that not a lot of lead time is able to be given, so we are here for you.

Our Events Managers are happy to think about other special events other than weddings sometimes – it’s a welcome change, to be sure. There are so many reasons to think of The Royal Crest Room – lots of occasions and the number one reason is to unburden you from lots of work! And to bring people together! That’s what we’re here for. Lean on us!


Why It’s Great to Have Your Catering All Taken Care Of at Your Venue

All the ways you’re in good hands with The Royal Crest Room as your food pro.

The Royal Crest Room will do far more than just prepare your event menu. Not only will we help coordinate the event timeline and the flow of the dinner but we also supply the tableware rentals, stock the bar take care of all of the service and cleanup!

RCR has a license
This means we have met local health department standards and we carry liability insurance. We also have the all-important liquor license.

RCR has liquor liability insurance
Anyone serving alcohol needs to have this type of insurance. You wouldn’t want anything less.

RCR provides full service
What this means is that, in addition to food preparation, we will handle everything from the table settings to bar service and cleanup. You don’t have to hire additional staff.

RCR never works any other weddings or events at the same time
Your event or wedding at RCR will definitely get the staff and attention it deserves.

RCR only work with fresh ingredients, not frozen, and locally grown if possible
Not only do we prepare our menu item in a scratch kitchen, but we specialize in obtaining better and tastier results.

RCR has many references from previous clients
Reviews on multiple platforms from others who have had a similar event speak volumes. If the experience wasn’t good, you’d hear about it all over the place.

RCR designed value-added packages for you
When such a large part of your budget will go to food and catering, you want your dollar stretched as much as possible. Getting more for your money is super important. You’re going for the “wow” experience. We, at The Royal Crest Room, fancy ourselves as the venue where people “with champagne taste, but maybe a beer budget” can make their dreams come true. We’ve designed “collections” that can save you some serious money, especially if you plan on having a lengthy guest list. Most collections include the actual champagne toast, hors d’oeuvres, a salad, the entrée and two accompaniments, plus coffee service and, in some cases, wine. Our collections also include some décor touches that again add to the “wow” experience. You’ll be able to determine which one works best for you.