Custom Menu Development

Choosing the Menu Can Be the Most Fun!

We at The Royal Crest Room want your wedding or event to be the best it can possibly be. Our goal is to make you look good and ensure your guests have an enjoyable experience by serving delicious food and providing top-notch service.

It’s simply not enough for us to offer you a handful of options. We have instead had a wonderful time dreaming up some of the best, most flavorful and interesting menu items for you to agonize over … which ones will you choose? That’s the one and only problem we like for our clients to have!

Enjoy choosing from our extensive list of delicious hors d’oeuvres – both hot and cold – fancy and down-to-earth yummy! Don’t worry — right after their private champagne toast — our newlyweds are served their chosen favorites right before their fun photo-taking session!

We are guessing that perhaps our ‘foodie’ culture and all those culinary reality programs have been the reason so many of us have an increased interest in menus and food, in general! Enjoying enticing flavors and beautiful presentations is not only something for food writers of magazines.

The Royal Crest Room is a place you are going to be allowed to be creative with your menu design. You will dream up which style dining experience you give your guests – whether a buffet with a carving station or a plated dinner – or perhaps a family style approach sounds interesting to you? And we will assist you as you determine, for example, what accompaniments you want to pair with your entrée. It’s your time to show your creativity and personalities.

We know that weaving in your family’s heritage can be meaningful, too. Just let us know if there is a special recipe you’d love for our Chefs to try their hand at! At your private tasting, you’ll get the opportunity to narrow down exactly what it is that you’ll want to have served on your Big Day. And some of our Collections include the very elegant “Menu Card’ that is laid so beautifully on your choice of Plate Charger. What a nice way to add a touch of class to your guest tables!

In all our menus, we provide you with some of our most popular options. While the options we present offer a wide variety of menu options for your event, one of our specialties is custom tailoring our catering options to your unique needs. Don’t be shy. Let us know about your ideas, and for sure, let us know if any dietary needs should be considered for you or your guests. We take great care in accommodating those special and very important needs.

Once you’ve squared away what you wish to serve your guests, you’ll get to move on to the fun of choosing how the guest tables look! Not only is it a blast choosing the food but getting to show your creativity in the table design is maybe even more exciting. Look out David Tutera or Martha Stewart! We trust that you will find your love for creating a beautiful tablescape with special details. Textures, colors, you name it – lots to dream up!

The Royal Crest Room Collections include gorgeous plate chargers that dress up a table so elegantly. Choose to have a custom Menu Card designed just for you! Guests really enjoy this touch. Linen upgrades are no problem. We’ve got you covered! Just be sure to let your photographer know that one of your desired shots of the day will be your tablescape!

Don’t stop there! In much the same way, for your beverages, our skilled bartenders are happy to create a signature drink, a big-batch cocktail or something like a Sangria Bar for you. Creativity pours on over to this side, too! There’s no better way to show your personality than having a Signature Drink (or two) specially named by you!

You may offer this during your Cocktail Hour of during the entire reception.

Signature Drinks may be reminiscent of the drink you shared on your first date or simply be your favorite. May be one of the trendiest touches of weddings today – don’t miss out on the fun. Your guests will drink it up.