Some of our most popular questions & their answers

Our venue is one that provides all catering on-site. We have many menus that meet all budgets.
The only food that we allow brought in is the Wedding Cake.

The Royal Crest Room is booked according to availability, so if it is open, any party can reserve it. Keep in mind that many events are booked well in advance (12-16 months is the general rule).

All reservations are on a first come, first served basis. Only the initial deposit of $1,500.00 USD and the signed Initial Deposit Form will reserve a date. The contract must be signed within 7 days of the deposit being made.

Any day of the week, you may book your date by either coming in in person or sending in your deposit forms and payment. Our office hours are generally 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. It is recommended that you call to make an appointment. Your contract will be drafted and sent to you within a day typically and must be signed and returned within the week of booking your date with us to complete your reservation.

Courtesy holds are not done due to the high demand. First come, first served works best and most fairly for all.

No. If there is found to be damage, excessive cleaning, or time used outside of contracted amount of time, TRCR will be in touch with you and if necessary, have photos to document such damage. Charges will be passed along to you. We will have your credit card on file for this purpose.

There is a total of 8 hours allotted for each event the day of (for evening events) and a total of 7 hours for morning events. The morning begins at 8 am and ends at either 1:30 pm or 2:00 pm (depending on time of year).

Also depending on sunset times, evening events begin generally after 2:30 pm and can extend until 1 am. All serving of alcohol must stop by 1 am and music must be turned off at 1 am in order to facilitate all items and guests to be gone by 2 am. Ours is definitely one of the only venues that we know of that is so generous with this, which is a great benefit for many couples who do not wish to feel ‘kicked out’ so early.

The standard hourly rental rate for additional hours is $300.00 per hour. Please take into consideration your DJ and make your own arrangements with your DJ.

No. You must plan your event as accurately as possible.

8-hour block of time for the rental, evening can go as late as 1:00 am
Your choice of vendors*
Friendly and helpful staff to assist you
Tables & chairs for ballroom
Bride & Groom get-ready rooms
Outdoor Ceremony Site with white, padded chair seating
Outdoor PA system
Projector and Projector Screen
Indoor PA system
Furniture Setup
Climate-controlled indoor reception site
Plenty of parking
Clean up services after event

*With the exception of the bartender. We have a list of approved, reputable companies who provide many services and goods for events.

Yes, tables and chairs are provided. Linens are included and upgrades are also available. We offer a wide array of linens.

The ceremony takes place either in the Magnolia Garden adjacent to the ballroom, with a 60-foot paved aisle and a charming ‘Entrance Arch’ and a raised, stately Pergola.

Included are up to 220 white padded ceremony chairs, audio jack, wireless microphone, and outdoor speakers are available. DJs are able to plug into this system, although some prefer to set up their own speakers and use their own microphone. Videographers also do tend to prefer that you use their own microphone.

The only condition under which a dog is allowed is for the outdoor ceremony. The dog should not remain on property much after the ceremony unless for medical reasons, we understand that this arrangement is sometimes necessary. If you feel you will need one for medical reasons, please inquire.

72” round tables [seat 10-12], 60″ round tables [seat 8-10], King’s tables [36” x 96” … seat 8-10], 8′ rectangular tables, 6′ rectangular tables, 36″ round table, and 60” half-moon table.

There are different sizes for the different size tables. We will assist you with this linen selection.

All Collections include choice of Chiavari Chairs (in either Mahogany, Silver or Gold), Vineyard Crossback Chairs, or Ballroom Chairs with White or Ivory Spandex Covers. This is complimentary and a fantastic upgrade!

Candles are permitted as long as the flame is enclosed in glass (such as votives and hurricane lamps) and the wick is at least 1 inch below the top of the glass rim – candles may also be used if floating in liquid. No handheld candles are permitted. A unity candle indoors will not be allowed.

Yes, with the exception of the bartenders, servers, culinary team.

You will need to hire all other vendors (DJs, florists, officiant, photographer, cake baker, etc.)

The building is in use seven days a week, often multiple times a day, and we have no storage space available for early deliveries.

There is no space in the coolers in which to store cakes or any food items. We will work with you to be sure that your cake delivery is done within the right window of time.

The building may be visited Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM. Please call the office before arriving to make sure the building is available; it may be in use.

Yes. We do require that these vendors have their own insurance, with a minimum coverage amount of $2,000,000.00. Please request this from them and provide to us.

Any music performed or played outside of the building, including the patio areas, requires written approval from RCR Management.

(Examples of music usually approved outside: Ceremony music, string quartet, harpist, acoustic guitar)

(Examples of music that will require special consideration for outside: Steel drums, live bands, DJs)

Our two parking lots can accommodate 192 vehicles. There may be other functions going on at our property and the amount of spaces available to your party is not guaranteed. We do have overflow parking available in addition to those 192 spots.

Rental fees include a complimentary one (1) hour rehearsal to practice for your ceremony. Unlike some other venues, RCR staff does provide coordination services for this. In fact, an event manager must be with you for this even if you do have your own Officiant or Outside Coordinator who will help with this Rehearsal. Reservations for rehearsals are booked one month prior to the event date.

For outdoor ceremonies, blowing of bubbles or releasing of butterflies may take place. If flower petals (natural or silk) are part of your Ceremony in any way, they must be cleaned up immediately following the ceremony. What is not permitted are: birdseed, rice (biodegradable, puffed rice, etc.).

For indoor ceremonies, real or silk flowers or petals may be dropped or thrown. Flowers or petals must be cleaned up immediately following the ceremony. What is not permitted are: rice of any kind, birdseed, bubbles, butterflies, etc. may not be dropped, thrown, blown, or released. Unity Candles are not permitted inside the Ballroom.

Decorations are permitted within reason and must be approved by RCR Management. Decorations are permitted only in the space you have reserved. It is your responsibility to remove ALL decorations immediately after your event. RCR does not have storage facilities for your decorations prior to or following your event. Anything left by accident is not the responsibility of RCR. We do not have a lost and found.

No rice (including puffed rice or biodegradable rice), birdseed, natural flower petals, confetti, glitter or other similar materials may be used inside or outside The Royal Crest Room. Bubbles are only permitted outside. Decorations may not be affixed to the walls, doors, windows, window coverings, chairs, painted surfaces or hung from the ceiling. Balloons are not allowed in the Ballroom. Nothing can be attached to the outdoor Pergola or arch without prior approval from RCR Management. Dry ice, and/or open flames are not permitted. Fog machines must be approved by RCR Management. Red wine and punch are discouraged and can cause you to incur a charge after the event if stain occurs from such use. Candles are permitted as long as the flame is enclosed in glass (such as votives and hurricane lamps) and the wick is at least 1 inch below the top of the glass rim. Candles may also be used if floating in liquid. No handheld candles are permitted inside the RCR.

Sparklers are pretty but we suggest you take great care in handling them. Sparklers must be 18”-20” long. We will not allow any smaller or longer sparklers than this. Sparklers are permitted outside of the RCR only. All sparklers must be disposed of properly — the used sparkler must be discarded in a bucket or water or sand provided by the RCR. Once cool, the sparklers will be placed in the trash by our staff. Should any guests fail to dispose of sparklers properly, this may result in a charge after the event. There are many alternatives to sparklers – just as us!

There are hotels in a couple different areas – such as the Lake Nona area or the attractions or airport, and we do have special rates worked out with a few. Ask your Event Manager for our full list of recommended hotels via email or when you tour the venue. Also, should you have a larger number of your guests requiring lodging, we have a wonderful transportation stipend for you that will make a shuttle bus for your guests the perfect solution. In fact, some couples have offered this perk for their in-town guests as well. It’s been a great solution for many and we’d be happy to explain this further to you.

The Royal Crest Room will coordinate with you to set up the tables and chairs. Our staff takes care of all set up and breakdown of the furniture, exactly to your specifications. We use our own seating planner to make floor plans to help you decide what layout you like best. And once approved, we’ll take care of all the heavy lifting for you!

We ask you to please avoid the following when decorating: sand, unprotected candles, glitter, paper confetti, fresh dark rose petals, bubbles, hay, birdseed, cornmeal (for dancing), silly string, and nailing, screwing, or stapling. Also, please use non-marking tape (i.e. duct tape not permitted).

Not permitted outside are rice, silk flower petals, confetti, dark rose petals, silly string, glitter, and nailing, screwing or stapling into wood. Also please avoid putting any decor into the water features, including but not limited to floating candles and flowers.

The Royal Crest Room does have locker rooms in which dressing and photo-taking can take place. The only room that is private is the Bridal Suite adjacent to the Ballroom. Please be aware that this room does not have a key to lock up valuables. Should you wish to find a location in which to have extended get-ready time, for instance for hair & make-up, please let us know as we have some recommendations for you.

Any food or beverages (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) must be purchased from us. No outside food or beverages can be brought in to these locations.

You are able to purchase the alcohol from The Royal Crest Room. Any and all alcohol that is served must be served by staff of The Royal Crest Room, including champagne toasts. No alcohol is permitted to be self-served at guest tables or anywhere on property where an approved Royal Crest Room bartender is not serving the alcohol. All who consume alcohol must be prepared to show a government-issued identification card.

As part of the Royal Crest Room Package, you will not be in charge of sweeping or cleaning anything. However, in order to best protect your belongings and rental items outside of The Royal Crest Room, you will be in charge of clearing the tables at evening’s end, collecting your items, and taking down all décor and other such items that were provided by your party.

Absolutely not! In fact, our venue made sure to include so many value-added things in our Collections to help you out.

Absolutely! We are honored that you would want to take such memorable pictures with us. Please schedule your shoot on a Monday through Thursday during regular office hours with one of our Event Managers. Also, to be respectful of other events, please verify five days in advance that the facility is still available for a photo shoot in the case that an event books at the last minute. Please keep in mind that early morning times at certain times of year are not the best time for this.

The fact that we offer a private menu tasting with our Event Manager is quite a big deal. Not all venues have this. Some venues don’t have tastings at all or they just have a once-a-month tasting for multiple couples where only certain foods can be tasted. We find that it’s best to have two of you so we can really focus on the details together productively. We will send you your Menu Tasting invite before your Six Month mark and have you out for the tasting at least five months prior to your Wedding. It’s important that you have this tasting before you send our invitations in case you are going to give your guests “a choice of”. There is no fee for this. This meeting should last no longer than 1-1/2 hours.

We do try to have that be the case however, there are times where that may not work out in that exact way. We will take great notes and provide you with the results of that meeting for your records.

You bet we do. And that is a good thing for all of our clients. At some venues, the host is required to have this.

Our contract is very detailed so you know what your responsibilities are and what you can expect from us. A contract is very important between two parties. It is a promise that we will uphold our end of the deal, keeping your date for you, honoring the pricing agreed upon, providing the services outlined and on the other hand, it also reminds you of what you need to abide by as well. It should be signed and returned to us within a week of making your initial deposit.

Our cancellation policy is simple. Any and all deposits made are non-refundable. There is a cancellation fee based on the timing of the notice from our clients (the closer you are to the Event Date, the higher that fee will be), plus any unpaid deposits will also become due.

Yes, however, please be aware that a date change is only allowed once.

Should you need to change the Event Date for any reason (whether earlier or later than originally booked Event Date), no refunds will be issued. You will not be able to downgrade your contracted reservation. Prior to a new date being reserved, all outstanding payments to date must be paid in full or arrangements with TRCR made to that end. You will forfeit the original Initial Deposit fee and will need to make a new Initial Deposit for the new date that will go toward the balance of the new Event. All other previously made payments other than the original Initial Deposit will be applied to the new Event.

You must submit your request in writing for a new date within 21 days of requesting a Date Change.* The new date cannot be more than 12 months out from original Event Date. TRCR will confirm the availability of the new date as soon as possible. Host is responsible to pay TRCR an Administrative Reschedule fee of $100.00, added to Event Cost (not applied to Event balance). Lastly, to secure a new date, a Reschedule Addendum to the original Contract is to be signed within one week of payment of new Initial Deposit.

*In the case where Host cannot determine new date within a required amount of time (twenty-one (21) days from date of notification of need to reschedule), this “Date Change” becomes a “Cancellation” and all cancellation penalties will apply.

At the 21-day mark, we require your final head count.

You will know your exact direct contact for sure three weeks prior, if not sooner. Our team does a fantastic job of communicating with you all through your planning and will be there for you on your wedding day, for sure, from start to finish. We cannot always honor a request for a certain Event Manager, as you can imagine.

Our team of banquet servers take care of everything!

Your event manager will be there for your entire event. You will have a banquet captain also tending to your needs.

We will provide a box of leftover wedding cake for you.

We have lots of vendors to recommend to you that do cake design so beautifully and in a delicious way!

Let us know what beverages you wish to serve and we’ll take care of everything.

Our guest to server ratio is very good. You won’t wonder where TRCR team is! You’ll have a dedicated server as well as the Banquet Captain and Event Manager looking out for you and your guests.

At your visit or anytime, we can learn more from you about what you’re thinking and are happy to show you all of the great menu items. Let your imagination be your guide … we have truly seen so many wonderful ideas come to life here!

Should you decide to provide a tip, we will take care of it how you direct. It is a wonderful way to show your appreciation. Your Event Managers and servers do work very hard to please you.

Gratuity is not included and of course, not required but welcomed by our wonderful staff members.

$1500.00 is the initial deposit to reserve a date at TRCR. This does go towards your balance and is non-refundable. This can be made by credit card, cash, check or money order.

For weddings, we have a 9-month, 6-month, 3-month and 21-day deposit plan. This, we find, is helpful to couples as they can space everything out more.

We sure do. Our couples who have chosen these options have really loved having the convenience of this for their bridal party and families. Just let us know and we’ll be happy to provide you a proposal for your ideas.

Our large pergola (which is the structure with white pillars and stonework) measures 25 feet wide 13 feet tall by 4 feet deep.

Our aisle is roughly 90 feet long. It is a little less than 70 feet from the back pergola to the front pergola.

We always recommend basing the start time off the sunset on your Big Day. We typically start the guest arrival 2 hours prior to the sunset. We suggest having your ceremony begin about an hour and a half prior to the sunset time. Then you have a full hour to capture your sunset pictures before the sun is completely gone. Always check with your photographer for their recommendation.

In case of bad weather, the backup is the Ballroom. For a Ceremony, our staff would arrange the Ballroom so that there was a distinct aisle. We do our absolute best, within reason, to make sure your Ceremony takes place at the Pergola by watching radar, using tarps to cover the white Ceremony chairs, etc.

The Ballroom is roughly 4,000 square feet. It measures 84’ x 48’. It can hold 220 people comfortably.

We have an exclusive company that can drape the room. This is not included in the Site Fee. This is an available upgrade with white draping.

Most tables fit 10. We have different sizes of tables available for you to choose from.

We have 132” round tablecloths will reach the floor.

No, golfers will be present, however we do close the Driving Range which is where people practice, and because it is near the Ceremony area, for the safety of you and your guests, we do close that temporarily while your guests arrive and the Ceremony is going on.

Depending on the time of year, our lot can appear most full in the earlier part of the day, but by the time evening weddings take place, there is usually a perfectly open parking lot for your guests.

An event manager must be with you at all times. If any members of your bridal party join you for photos at any place, requiring them to use the golf carts, it will be very critical for them to listen to the direction of our event manager. Quiet voices and polite behavior is expected from all when we bring you out to the Stone Bridge. No individuals will be allowed to leave the group and ride their golf cart back to the building without escort from our staff. We escort you out to the property at your own risk, please be aware that golf is going on around you. And should anyone cause any damage to the golf carts, this will possibly result in a charge to you. We would also like to let you know that it will be important for your guests at the outdoor Terrace to remain in that specific area for their own safety. Our staff will do our best to remind someone who may not be aware of this, for instance, small children. We take great care in designing our facilities to ensure your safety and enjoyment.