Director of Events

Karen grew up in Chicago in her younger years, two doors down from her church where she would sneak over, go up in the balcony and watch weddings on Saturday mornings! The now-old-fashioned rice-tossing tradition was her absolute favorite. She and her friends would also “play banquets” down in the church basement.

She earned her Marketing degree from Bethel College in St. Paul, Minnesota where the air was crisper and yes, colder, but refreshing! After a couple years in Minneapolis, she returned home to Chicago, and while working full-time, completed her Masters in Education.

Through those years, she cannot even count how many weddings she attended. She remembers fondly singing in some of her friends’ weddings – what an honor and privilege (and nerve-wracking responsibility to not mess up!) After being a bridesmaid or singer so many times, it was so much fun being the bride!

The adventure for Karen and her husband has been very exciting. It took them all the way to Orlando where now they have a large family of four great children and a cute Cavalier King Charles puppy, Buddy, who completes the picture. So far in the family — 1 Gator and 1 Seminole … 2 more to find out!

Karen and her husband make a great team — working tirelessly together managing the golf course and the busy venue, The Royal Crest Room. What an amazing journey it’s been, building this entire business from the ‘ground up’ and watching it grow!

In the rare moment that Karen isn’t busy in her home office, she’s most likely going to Disney, one of their favorite restaurants, a concert or a Broadway musical. Favorites? Definitely watching Hallmark movies (especially Christmas ones), decorating, taking photos, being the family historian and keeping up with her busy family.