It’s no secret — one of the most annoying things about planning a wedding is getting your final guest list “final”. So many things depend on knowing just how many people will join you on your Big Day!

It can feel frustrating waiting for everyone to let you know if they plan to attend your wedding or not. It feels like a waiting game. You can’t wait to put the final touches on your seating chart and give your venue the information that need, like final guest counts and choices of dinner selection. 

There are few common reasons why wedding guests can’t seem to get their RSVP cards in the mail (or respond on your Wedding website). Here we list off some of those reasons why couples wait and wait, and what they can do about it.

Just Too Many Steps for Them to Get the RSVP Card in the Mail

Cut down a couple steps for them by simply self-addressing and pre-stamping their envelope. This can be a helpful trick in trying to get quicker responses from your guests.

They Might Need to Make Sure They Can Make It

Some of your guests, especially those that live out-of-town, may just need a little more time to figure out if they can attend your Wedding. Finding affordable transportation, child care, even pet care can present challenges for them, but don’t worry, if you don’t hear from them by your response date, just reach out to them. 

RSVP Card Might Not be “Clear as Mud”

Sometimes, it can be as simple as the Response Date gets lost on this little card that can have a lot of things on it (including choices of meals, if that is what you choose to offer). Make the date that you would like guests to respond by very noticeable — “We ask that you kindly reply by November 1s“.

Maybe the Wedding Website RSVP Approach Doesn’t Work for All?

If you choose to have your guests RSVP through a wedding website that you have set up, remember, this might be too confusing for your older guests. There is also the possibility that the email address you used for a guest is not active anymore or perhaps your electronic invitation even went to their SPAM folder which means they won’t see it!

Did Not Offer a Plus-One

Hardly anyone wants to add a wedding alone. Consider offering them a plus-one so that they can enjoy your wedding day.

They Just Plain ‘Ole Drop the Ball

Most times, people forget to send back your RSVP once they receive it. Sending out invitations as early as they are sent out these days does come with a downside – perhaps the urgency isn’t there to respond in a timely manner. The “due date” seems so far away that they figure they’ll get around to sending it in, and then time gets away from them.

But don’t worry — if your response date has passed, you may either send them a quick text, call them or ask them when you see them next. Don’t be shy — follow up before your final guest count is due to give them one last opportunity. It’s better to ask than to now ask. And, then, when and if you still do not hear from them, their name goes in the “No” column.